‘Monkey Jits’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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So what is ‘Monkey Jits’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a Martial Art that focuses mainly on clinching the opponent to prevent them from striking and then taking an opponent down to the ground, as well as controlling the engagement on the ground. 

Grappling as a sport has become very popular in recent years but CMD's Monkey Jits reminds its athletes that (BJJ) was first and foremost developed for self preservation, not for sport, not to score points on a guard pass or seek to "tap out" an opponent in the training ground for the sake of submitting or hurting them but to enable the trained practitioner to go home, alive and with minimal injury.

Monkey-Jits classes are still performance based, we roll and we still train for self-defense. More importantly though our Monkey-Jits classes are about playfulness, exuberance and first and foremost about having a great time while really learning something positive about yourself and finding improvements  both physically and mentally.

Competition is not a factor in establishing someone's ability (or grade) in Monkey Jits. That is determined through the relationship formed between the coach and client over years of training.  Evaluation is carried out over time and consists of attitude, consistency, and of course improvement in ability.

Remaining calm under pressure, reacting appropriately and persevering under unfavourable circumstances are key elements in BJJ as well as in life. Against skilled, fresh opponents, the body will eventually fail which is why we must respect our body's innate intelligence and abilities. Treat it with respect and it will respond accordingly. There are optimal ways to move your body and through the practice of Monkey Jits you learn to respect your body and it's innate intelligence as much as respecting your training partner and their well being.

Monkey Jits Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be your way to learn the new skills of the old ways, improve your body’s awareness, develop a calm mind, and have an awesome time while doing so.

So how do I go from a Rookie to a fully fledge Jits Monkey?

Like the way we coach our stand up based Crazy Monkey Classes, we do things a little differently.  First and foremost we will coach you how to survive in bad positions, positional  control when things are going your way, body mechanics and movement as well as how the positions fit  together to lay the a ‘terrain map’ for the journey ahead.  By essentially giving you a ‘road map’ you will understand the ground game better and be able to tie things together as well as experiment rather than having a bunch of random techniques that you can’t comprehend how they fit in the big picture.

Once you know how to survive, move and escape positions as well as get back to you feet, we then will coach the submission aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This is usually the first step people teach, but there’s no point in learning how to submit a person if you can’t get there in the first place.

Both Gi/Kimono (BJJ Uniform) and NoGi (lack of a uniform, usually a ‘rash vest’) a both practised and coached.  Both styles of grappling have their uses, with Gi making the game slower due the friction and grips provided by the Gi, and NoGi enhancing ‘scrambling’ as well as a tight game due to the inability to grab your opponents cloth to slow or hold them down.

Applying the ‘Gi’ based techniques on regular garments (such as T-shirts or hoodies) is also practised alongside learning how to deal with strikes is addressed ensuring a functional, self defence orientated ground game.

Every session includes ‘live’ rolling, and like our sparring philosophy it will be at a comfortable level for you until you build your confidence and skill set.  Every other monkey on the mat knows what it is like to be a beginner, and has also seen how progressive resistance over time rather than 100% resistance from the get go, yields a much better training environment and better performance in the long term.

Training both Monkey Jits and the Crazy Monkey Defense Program helps you develop a ‘complete’ game across the ranges of - stand up, clinch and ground.

Contact us at now to get started.