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Crazy Monkey what?

The Crazy Monkey Defense Program started off as a purely physical application of mixed martial arts back in 1998. When the program was developed, the main intention was to find the most realistic and functional training methodology for real life physical encounters.

We still coach the CMD to be that today, it has now been fused with old school martial philosophy focusing on not only the physical skills, but personal transformation through mental game mastery... not to mention it’s a hell of a lot of FUN!!

By focusing on understanding the real drivers of the stand-up game being Solid Defense, Tight Economical Structure, Active Balance and Adaptive Conditioning, we create a functional defensive driven Martial Arts program.  This builds confidence and therefore allows you to experiment and be expressive in your martial arts game. 

Then, based on your strengths and needs, we build from that solid foundation and add finesse, expressiveness and style while providing mental game and performance coaching to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of Martial arts such as stress, fear, patience, resilience and self control.

So what does it involve and how do we take you from a rookie to a full fledged monkey?

Firstly we start with Boxing Fundamentals and Body Mechanics.  While many martial arts styles focus on racking up huge numbers of complex techniques... we want you to really understand the foundations that your game will be build on

The benefit of working like this? It’s like learning to play chords in music – rather than just learning to play particular songs, this approach will give you the ability to play anything you want.

In this first stage of training we’ll introduce you both the technique and approach unique to the Crazy Monkey Defense Program. The aim of CMD is to give everyone the tools they need to feel completely safe, no matter the pressure. Characterised by it's unique defense, CM will have you feeling completely in control of your training and your game.

With safety comes confidence and with confidence comes ability to develop your game.  Some of our trainers and clientele had previous been training for many years before seeing CMD, and it solved a whole host of problems their previous styles/instructors had no understanding or awareness of.

Once you have the fundamentals down we shift the emphasis onto sparring if you choose to.  This will really build the understanding of how your game should be played. Building tactics based around your needs with tools and strategies suited to your style of sparring not just cloning the way others play.

We treat sparring very differently from most martial arts gyms. There are many kickboxing, boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) gyms where sparring means putting head guards and big gloves on and bombing away at each others heads… which we have personally found pretty unappealing, counter-productive and can be downright terrifying if you're new to martial arts or contact sports.

Sparring at Crazy Monkey Sunshine Coast is based on finding a comfortable level for you to work at – one that allows you to PLAY, LEARN and IMPROVE so then sparring becomes both beneficial and FUN.

From here Your game expands.

Within sparring, there are many points where you will end up ‘on the inside’, working close enough for someone to grab you.

To give you the tools needed here we will train you in ‘clinch’. Blending thai clinch (which focuses on head, neck control) with Greco-Roman wrestling (which emphasises upper body control) we build a functional control game fast. From there we build in the CMD‘s signature clinch game (the Straight Jacket) which focuses on quick tie-ups, strikes from clinch and breaking back out again to a boxing game.

Of course no defensive system would be worth its salt if it didn’t deal with the aspect of being ‘taken down’ or ‘tackled to the ground’.  We will coach it from the  early stages of preventing the takedown all the way through to how to get back up off the ground to keep you safe on your feet.

Last of all, we add kicks. Here we depart again from most martial arts classes, as we only add kicking only once someone’s game has been bedded in and built on solid boxing foundations. We do this for a number of reasons.  Primarily because boxing is easier to develop than a kickboxing game because there is simply too much to concentrate on in the beginning which reduces the development of a solid foundation.  Secondly, you are more likely to call upon boxing, clinch and ground skills in a self preservation situation, and we want our clients to have realistic self defence skills.  The kicking portion of the game is great fun and can then be accessed from the boxing game seamlessly.

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