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What's the Stand up game all about?

At Forge Martial Arts, we aim to be the counter culture to a modern martial art world that is focused on hyper-competitiveness and reality based self defense rhetoric. We want the everyday person to not only be able to access our training, but thrive with it.  The environment is key and is free from the ‘Meatheads’, ‘Alpha Males’, and ‘Tough Guise’ so prevalent in the modern martial arts world.  We still coach our striking game to be FUNCTIONAL and PERFOMANCE BASED, but we been fuse with old school martial philosophy focusing on not only the physical skills, but mental game performance which has a positive cross over to your daily life... not to mention it’s a hell of a lot of FUN!!

You will learn how to punch, kick, defend yourself, clinch, and wrestle.  You will develop skill, timing, game and strategy on the mat.  But you will also build inner and outer strength, and you will learn how to manage your emotions and stress while dealing with the punches on and off the mat.

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The Stand up Game

Learn to slip life's punches.