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I haven’t done any martial arts training before. 

Will this be suitable for me?

Definitely.  As long as you have a healthy attitude towards your training and towards others you’ll get along just fine.  Initially you’ll have an introductory private lesson with a trainer so your training can hit the ground running so to speak.

Also, the more experienced clients will want to help your development as well.  This is because they want your game, abilities and fitness levels to improve so you can then push their games with your new abilities (we are a selfish bunch like that).

Sounds great, can i just turn up?

No.  At Forge Martial Arts, while catering for the everyday person as well as the advanced athlete does not have an open door policy.  The existing clients enjoy the environment we have and as such WE DO NOT ALLOW DROP INS, so please contact us with your interest rather than turning up unannounced.  The reason for this are  

- We like to know our clients goals and level of ability so we can help in achieving their goals through appropriate planning of the session.

- We want to ensure you training kicks off to a great start and we would like to give you a free introductory workshop where you and other interested perspective clients can see, learn and experience the foundations of your future training.

- Our clients will be working through developing their abilities and fitness levels progressively, and hence you may feel lost or out of your depth if you start during the middle of a progression or you hinder their development by the Trainers having to revisit things for yourself.

- We vet our perspective clients to ensure the environment remains postivie.  No meatheads aloud.

We sincerely want you to love your training as much as what we and our clients have. Once you’ve joined the existing clients, you’ll understand the importance of the training environment we have and you too will only want to train with others who are considerate of other peoples training, lifestyle and goals.

Where on the Sunshine Coast are you located?

We are located on Donaldson Road (opposite the Nambour Primary School) just outside the centre of Nambour which makes training straight after work immensely convenient.

When do you train?

Groups sessions are currently taking place on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Saturday Morning.  Personal Training is organised at mutual agreeable times.

What equipment do I need?

To start with, just yourself dressed in clothes you are comfortable to exercise and sweat in plus a large bottle of water.  Clients are encouraged to purchase their own equipment/gloves/Gi's, but we do have some loan items you can use until you purchase your own.

Need to know anything else?  Feel free to email us