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Name: Chris Bishop

Age: 40


-Licensed Bronze Glove Trainer of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program.

-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt (2 Stripes)

-Masters in Adult Learning and Assessment.

-Registered Nurse


Educated primarily as a Registered Nurse, Chris has found himself in numerous roles teaching others.  He is able to break down things into both it’s technical and principle/conceptual basis and articulate it in a way which promotes better understanding to the client.  He has also studied Learning and Assessment to a Masters Level under Chester University in the UK.  Chris started his Martial Arts journey as a teenager in traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu, after a hiatus he started training Western Kickboxing in 2004, and then the Crazy Monkey Defense Program in 2006 which is a boxing based system for stand up, clinch and ground.  It was also at this time Chris was introduce to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well.

Chris genuinely enjoy seeing people develop.  "It’s a simply awesome experience seeing the ‘light bulbs’ switching on in peoples eyes when they have a break through in their game and knowing I helped to get them there.   Also seeing the camaraderie formed between people on the mat as they polish their game and try to outwit one another is great.  To be able to provide an environment, coaching and fellow martial artists that positively affect a persons life is immeasurable and priceless.  I love what I do"

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Name: Nathan 'Nate' Kurnert

Age: 38


-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

-Cert III and IV Occupational Health and Safety.

Born and raised on the Coast, Nate always had a fondness for martial arts.  When he was stationed in Adelaide during his time with the Armed forces, he discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and studied under Matt Jones at ISOHEALTH.  Nate would come back to the coast to visit his family and would tour the various BJJ clubs on the coast, but it wasn't until he found Crazy Monkey Sunshine Coast that he found a home up here.  Over the years Nate and Chris developed a great realationship on the mats and when Nate relocated back to the coast Nate came on as a Trainer and together they form 'Forge Martial Arts'.

He is an extremely passionate practitioner and trainer of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He has had to act in many leadership roles through his time with the Army, Security, and working within the Mining industry.  He 'keeps Jiu Jitus honest', honouring the 'old school' BJJ philosophy for self preservation as your foundation, and then branching out from there.

Nate looks forward to seeing you on the mats.


At most Martial Arts clubs senior clientele will aid in the classes.  CMSC is no expection and this is something we actively encourage as it's a big part of martial arts and their personal journey to 'give back' and foster new clients.  This enhances the learning of both the mentor and the beginer.  The mentor has to conceptualise and communicate what and how they are doing things which reinforces their learning, and the beginer get a different perspective on what it being coached by the Trainer which aids in their learning.  We have found that the beginners develop expotentially quicker through this process and ultimately give back by pushing the game of their peers, mentors and coaches.